C R Industries Inc. was founded in 1985. We have established lines of Proprietary Products – Distributors Wanted. We are a family run business that started with two employees and three machines. Through the years, we added a second building, to roughly 44,000 square feet total and grown to over 50 employees. We have become a complete full service metal fabricating company with powder coating capabilities and UL approved assembly.

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service with flexible lead times. Whether you need prototypes made or have a large volume job, we are the company you are looking for. We offer engineering services and take your design from the planning stage, to prototype, to production, to painting, assemble, pack out and deliver. We can work on a one run basis, to blanket orders, or Kanban releases.

Bird Deterrent for Piers (Scare Poles)

Simply the best fowl deterrent on the market! This obstacle is too confusing for birds and keeps them from landing. The removable posts easily make your pier accessible for boating, swimming and fishing. The brackets are manufactured with powder coated steel and are rust resistant so they will continue to look good for years.

Each kit includes:

  • 6 posts
  • 6 Brackets
  • 200 Feet of Fluorescent Twine

Also keep Scare Poles In Mind For Rooftops, Ledges, Storage Areas, Entryways, Window Sills, Building Signs, Vegetable Gardens, Gutters, Chimney Caps, Outdoor Eating Areas and Indoor Rafters.

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Portable Beverage Holders (Cup Holders)

This must have will keep your beverages out of harms way! Avoid spills and prevent kicking or tripping over drinks. Keep your drink close and make your stake while at the park, camping, at outdoor sporting events, even pool parties. Just relaxing on the deck or patio? Now your beverage will be right by your side. The Beverage Holders are made from lightweight yet durable steel and powder coat protection. This single holder is 29″ x 4″ dia. with a removable base and can be used like a stake in the ground. The multi holder is 29″h x 3.75″, the base is 16″.

Computer Filter Case

Stop Computer Failure! This unique computer case protects your computer and instruments from premature failure caused by dust, dirt, physical abuse or other contaminants. Computer Cases have not been designed for continuous water contact nor has it been designed to withstand a forceful direct spray. Damage may occur if water is allowed to enter from the back of base where the power and communication wires enter. Case stands 1 inch off the floor to prevent condensation or minor flood damage to occur. The electrostatically charged 100% synthetic media heavy-duty, moisture resistant construction of the filters keep particles larger than 00.3 microns from reaching your equipment. Consideration should be given to the expected particle size distribution of the dust or dirt found in a given environment. The rate of filter clogging will vary for each individual application.

  • 4” Ventilating Fan Keeps Air Circulating. (One Year Warranty On Fan Motor)
  • Two Power Cord Openings In The Rear Make For Easy Installation.
  • Clear Acrylic Front Panel With Handle Lifts For Easy Access.
  • Size:  14.15″Wide x 23.87″ Deep x 22.88″ Tall

Big Stinky Fly Trap

When flies become a problem, the Big Stinky Fly Trap™ is your answer. The Big Stinky Fly Trap™ is a simple to use, low cost, remarkably effective fly control solution proven to catch and kill thousands of flies year after year.

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