C R Industries Inc. is a leading provider of lapping carriers & workholders. We can cut sprocket/gear tooth disc sizes up to 60″ in diameter. We can hold tolerances of +/-0.004″. We can make your lapping carriers out of a wide range of materials. We stock a variety of thicknesses of blue tempered spring steel. PVC and phenolic carriers are available upon request also.

Lapping carriers fill a need in grinding and polishing disk-shaped articles. They fit into lapping machines that remove trash or scratches from some types of manufacturing product surfaces. Special pieces such as optical elements, silicon wafers, crystals and magnetic recording device components may need grinding or polishing. Lapping carriers, sometimes called “work holders,” help support them during the process. Our extensive inventory provides a source of new and replacement parts that we can adapt to meet your project’s dimensions.

Understanding the Benefits and Features

Our carriers help you polish top surfaces to a mirror finish with extreme precision. We can adapt our lapping carriers to meet your specifications for form and fit. For machines that have unique structures, we design parts with a toothed outer periphery or other adaptations. Our custom designs meet the most precise operating requirements for any sized machine.

Dedication to quality control guarantees delivery of carriers that have a proper thickness, shape and flatness. Our rigid standards make us a leader in the industry. We ensure accurate dimensions on each piece that we design and fabricate. Our drawings for a lapping carrier that meets your specific requirements ensure precision. Nested holes in square, oblong or round shapes comply with the requirements that you provide. We cut work holes to suit any geometry and application.

We can cut any shape or size work hole needed. Simply submit your shape to us in CAD style format and we will make your carrier quickly and exactly per your specifications. Carriers usually ship within 5 days of an order.

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Company Profile

C R Industries, Inc. offers metal fabrication services to companies in Southeast Wisconsin and nationwide. We excel in manufacturing metal fabrication component parts, production runs and complete systems. Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship will ensure we deliver a product with the greatest accuracy, cost savings and the shortest lead times. We will do whatever it takes to ensure our mission of keeping our customers satisfaction first.

Company History
Where a passion for superior craftsmanship became an obsession. Founded in 1985, C R Industries, Inc. has many years of combined experience in metal fabrication. We are committed to maintaining our reputation as a leading source within a growing network of satisfied customers.

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