lapping carriers and workholders

We can supply you with lapping carriers and workholders for your precision surface grinding and polishing machines

Lapping carriers and workholders are essential tools in the metal manufacturing industry. Finding the right solutions for your company’s fabrication needs can help you to achieve greater success and can boost productivity throughout your operation. The experts at C R Industries can provide lapping carriers designed to your exact specifications to ensure the accuracy of your results. Here are four key factors to consider when choosing a company to produce your lapping carriers or workholders for use in the industrial environment:

Custom Designs

In most cases, creating custom carriers and workholders for your metal manufacturing processes can reduce the cost of polishing and finishing products for use in a wide range of applications. Custom-made insert carriers can be designed for single or double-sided polishing and lapping, allowing you to enjoy the greatest possible flexibility when producing your products for the commercial marketplace. This can allow you to achieve higher productivity and increased profitability

Thicknesses of Workholders

Acquiring workholders and lapping carriers in the right thickness and configuration for your needs can streamline your work processes to promote more uniform results. This can allow your staff members to accomplish tasks more efficiently and can ensure the most accurate outcomes for all your polishing and surfacing needs. From spring steel lapping carriers to PVC and polymer workholders, these manufacturing components can deliver the results you need at a price you and your business can afford.


Working with a professional metal manufacturing company like C R Industries can ensure the highest degree of compatibility for your lapping carriers and workholders. Regardless of the make or model of your surfacing and polishing equipment, these metalworking companies can provide you with the right solutions and the most effective components for your machining needs.

Customer Service

Finding a company that works with you to resolve your issues and to answer your questions is critical to your ongoing success in your industry. This is especially important when acquiring key components for your manufacturing and finishing processes. Choosing the right supplier for these essential elements can ensure clear communication and added support for your ongoing operations.

The friendly professionals at C R Industries can provide you with the right solutions for all your metalworking and metal fabrication needs. By working with us, you can ensure the best possible results and the most effective solutions for your company and your customers in the competitive marketplace. Call 414-744-3996 to see what we can do for you!

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