The right tube bending services can streamline your manufacturing process and provide you with added flexibility in managing workflows on your site. Part­nering with a professional metal fabrication firm can offer significant advantages for your company. Here are some key facts to consider about tube and pipe bending when planning your next major manufacturing project.

Tube Bending Methods and Applications

Tube bending and fabrication processes are designed to create precise bends and curves in pipes and other hollow metal components. The finished products can be used in a wide range of industrial applications and include the following:

* Plumbing installations
* Auto parts, including exhaust pipes and roll cages
* Shopping carts
* Large-scale metal signs
* Handrails and handles

Tube and pipe bending strategies vary depending on the desired result and include the following:

* Compression bending uses a die or mold that is applied directly to the metal tube and that forces it into the necessary position. This is one of the least precise methods for bending tubes and pipes.
* Roll bending techniques use rollers to apply pressure to pipes gradually and evenly, creating a uniform curve than compression bending methods. Three-roll push bending is one of the most commonly used versions of this type of metal fabrication.
* Heat induction bending, as its name suggests, uses high degrees of heat and gently applied pressure to bend larger pipes into the desired configuration.
* Rotary-draw bending is one of the most precise methods for tube bending and uses advanced machinery to create precise angles and curves. When combined with metal cutting and fabrication services performed by expert technicians, this technique can produce the most accurate and reliable results for most manufacturing needs.

By working with an established and reliable metal fabricating and cutting company, your business can enjoy the fastest and most accurate results for all your project needs.

Companies like C R Industries Inc. can provide tube and pipe bending services for a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. With more than 30 years of experience in the field of metal fabrication, the experts at C R Industries can provide cutting-edge assistance in creating components for your projects. Whether you need limited-run replacements for auto parts or large-scale pipe bending services, these talented metalworking professionals can help with the most advanced technologies and proven strategies for ensuring that your parts arrive on time and meet your precise specifications. Give us a call at 414-744-3996 to discuss your tube and pipe bending needs with us. We look forward to hearing from you.