Powder Coating for Stainless Steel FabricationThe finishing touch for your stainless steel fabrication project is adding a powder coat to add a touch of color and durability. According to the Powder Coating Institute, the primary benefits of powder coating include premium appearance, improved durability and reduced environmental impact for your products. Understanding these three important advantages can help your company to achieve greater success in the evolving consumer and business-to-business marketplaces.

Custom Looks for Your Parts

Powder coating is available in a wide range of standard and custom colors to provide the look you want for your part or product. This allows you to support your branding efforts or to match colors requested by your clients for their stainless steel fabrication projects. Texturing and patterns can also be achieved relatively easily through powder coat techniques. This can provide added traction for manufactured walkways and handholds while delivering the greatest degree of visual appeal for all your parts and products.

Added Durability

Stainless steel parts treated with powder coating can stand up to the wear and tear caused by weather and other agents. These advanced metal coatings can also prevent corrosion and extend the life of components in the working environment or in outdoor use. By protecting the surface of stainless steel items with an advanced powder coat, you can potentially enhance its useful life for your clients and can ensure the most positive response to your products over the long run.

Environmental Advantages of Stainless Steel Fabrication

Unlike paints and primers, powder coating products are designed to be environmentally friendly. Liquid finishing products typically include solvents called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that can cause real damage when released into the atmosphere. The use of VOCs has been linked not only to environmental damage but also to serious health problems in those exposed for a lengthy period of time. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued warnings against these solvents, noting that they can sometimes cause cancer in laboratory animals and that they are associated with headaches, irritation of the eye, nose and throat, nausea and dizziness. By opting for powder coatings rather than VOCs, your company can stay green-friendly while producing high-quality products.

By working with companies like C R Industries to manage all your stainless steel fabrication needs, you can ensure that your items are constructed and coated to your precise specifications and that you receive top quality products at reasonable prices. This can allow your company to enjoy the best of both worlds when outsourcing your metalworking projects.