image of Water jetNew technologies are likely to change the way companies cut and shape metal in the future. Laser and waterjet cutting are among the most important of these emerging technologies and can provide greater utility in a wide range of industries, including the following:

  • Automaking
  • Architectural prototyping and modeling
  • Storage and transport solutions
  • Aeronautics
  • Scientific research
  • HVAC applications

Fabrication companies can also produce custom parts as replacements for antique vehicles and for older equipment no longer supported by the manufacturer. Major advances in the field of metal and material cutting will streamline the process and ensure the most precise results for industrial use. Here are three cutting-edge technologies that will continue to shape the way fabrication companies do business in the future:

Laser Technologies

One of the most popular cutting methods in the fabrication field, laser technologies can allow exceptional precision and control on the part of the operator. Carbon dioxide lasers can cut, engrave or bore through steel, stainless steel, titanium and aluminum.

Laser inscribing and cutting technologies offer superior accuracy for precision applications and are a preferred method for cutting materials to exact specifications or tolerances.

Water Jet Cutting

Often employed in shops that handle a wide range of materials, water jet cutting strategies are among the most versatile technologies in use today. Precise and accurate, waterjet metal cutting uses a combination of high-pressure water and an abrasive component to slice through plastic, glass, rubber and a wide range of metals. Waterjets are also employed to create sheet metal to specific thicknesses and tolerances. The speed of the cutting process increases with the pressurization of the water used for this advanced method, allowing fabricators to balance speed and accuracy for optimal results.

Hybrid Strategies

In many cases, fabrication companies use a number of different strategies to achieve the desired results. By using laser and waterjet cutting tools together or in sequence to create the most accurate and rapid results, quality metal fabricating companies like C R Industries can achieve exceptional accuracy for metal parts and prototypes. Combining the right cutting strategies can ensure the best results for clients in the competitive marketplace.

As metal cutting technologies continue to evolve, the degree of accuracy possible with these methods will likely improve as well. This will allow companies in the fabrication industry to provide superior services for their clients and can ensure the most reliable results in the industrial and commercial arenas.