image of neck rings from C R Industries

C R Industries Offers Quality Inventory of Neck Rings

Our neck ring parts will deliver substantially in the area of performance. This is because we are careful to make sure that all products sold are made with the finest steels.

Custom Options Available

Neck rings come with the standard 1 15/16″ height.  Additionally, individuals have the option of providing specifications to accommodate their specific project requirements.  We even permit the use of different finishes to add durability and enhance the performance of the application.

Versatility Unmatched For Your Neck Ring

Neck rings can come with a fine or coarse thread design. We offer plain functional neck rings. Neck rings can come with a variety of finishes like embossed or stamped with corporate branding. You can exercise the option of having them finished with certain types of plating like zinc plating. For added durability, we can even add powder coating, which can extend the life of the part. All caps are finished with a zinc primer. Should any of your needs not be met with existing solutions we offer, we can arrange for custom metal fabrication.

C R Industries specializes in metal fabrication and we offer one of the largest available inventories of neck rings and other parts. Any orders placed are usually processed within a few days. We are committed to providing you with timely fulfillment of any order placed. We can also guarantee that any part purchased will satisfy any performance required for successful completion of your project.

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