image of 33 Ton Turret Punch PressModern punch press devices are one of the most important tools in the field of metal fabrication. Punch presses can produce precise indentations, cuts and holes in almost any type of metal. These machines use high pressure to pierce materials and to construct components for a wide range of industrial equipment and commercial items. Punch presses incorporate both a punch to create the pressure and make the hole and a die that stops the progress of the punch and captures the metal removed during the press punching process.

Types of Punch Presses

Depending on the type of hole or indentation needed and the metal to be fabricated, punch press engineers may use a variety of equipment to achieve the most useful results:

* Turret punches offer maximum versatility in the fabrication environment and typically include tools in an extensive range of sizes and shapes. These tools can be switched out quickly to ensure the fastest possible production times. They offer precise tolerances and adherence to required specifications. This winning combination of accuracy and speed has made turret punch presses a preferred option in the metal fabrication industry.
* Hydraulic punch presses offer superior power for mass production of industrial parts but lack the flexibility and ease of operation associated with turret punch presses.
* Mechanical punch presses are among the oldest and most established types of press devices and use full-revolution or part-revolution mechanisms to create impressions or holes in sheet metal or formed parts. Full-revolution machines have largely fallen out of favor thanks to advances that allow more precise control and faster production in the industrial environment.

When combined with modern computing devices, this fabrication process can be automated for even faster response times and increased adherence to project deadlines in the fast-paced world of commercial production and distribution. Computer Numerical Control, more commonly referred to as CNC, allows punch press operators to code in a precise set of strikes designed to create the holes necessary without creating individual dies and punches for each new manufacturing run. By implementing these innovative computer control systems, fabrication companies can offer much-needed flexibility for their customers and lower their costs for short run projects.

Punch Presses in Action

The high degree of accuracy possible with turret punch presses ensures that they are a popular choice for machine shops and parts fabricators. Working with an established and knowledgeable metal fabricating firm can ensure the most accurate and functional results for modern business enterprises.

Companies like C R Industries, Inc., can deliver a wide range of metal fabrication, welding, engineering and prototyping services to help businesses obtain and maintain a dominant position in the competitive marketplace. By selecting a firm with real experience and a solid reputation in the metalworking industry, small businesses and large corporations alike can enjoy the best possible results from their punch press and commercial manufacturing projects.