image of 2000 watt laser cutterIndustrial laser cutting encompasses a wide range of activities designed to create useful parts and items for manufacturing needs. Product designers use laser cutting services to create prototypes for testing and demonstration purposes. Specialty providers can order custom-made parts for use in automotive restorations, repair of antiquated equipment and for a wide range of other industrial and commercial needs. Laser cutting can provide fast and accurate results to create usable components for aeronautics, commercial design, automotive, construction and energy production needs. Here are six important advantages of laser cutting for modern industries.


Industrial laser cutting is typically much faster than other cutting methods. This can allow rapid fabrication of necessary parts and can ensure on-time delivery for these items without sacrificing quality or accuracy during the process. Companies that offer professional laser cutting services can deliver fast results to streamline the production process for their clients.

Quality of Cut

The clean edges and reduced dust created through laser cutting processes can ensure the highest quality for parts created using this method. Laser cuts are precise and accurate to allow the production of fine contours and inner edges. Because the light used in laser cutting operations is focused on an extremely small area, the process typically results in minimal damage or delamination to surrounding parts of the material being cut.


Laser techniques can be used to cut a number of different materials, including the following:

* Mild steel
* Aluminum plate
* Stainless steel
* Acrylics

This versatility makes it an outstanding choice for a full line of industrial applications that include plumbing, construction and precision parts manufacturing.

Automated Production

Companies that use advanced laser cutting equipment can often provide automated services for faster turnarounds. Because these machines can be set to work around the clock while maintaining the highest level of quality for each part, larger shipments can be ready in significantly less time than with other methods.

Lower Costs

Because the processes used in industrial laser cutting can often reduce time and labor for companies that offer these services, costs are also typically lower. This can reduce overhead for manufacturing firms and parts suppliers while ensuring that the items delivered meet the precise specifications of their clients.

Easier Changeovers

Odd shapes and geometric forms can be adjusted on the fly by metal fabrication firms. This can allow easy alteration of plans and specifications without retooling or extended downtime to ensure the right results for modern businesses.

C R Industries, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience in the metal fabrication field and offers elite laser cutting services for industrial and commercial applications in Wisconsin. By working with a professional metal cutting and fabrication firm, manufacturers, designers and restoration experts can ensure the highest quality results for all their production and repair needs.