Big Stinky Fly Trap kills flying insectsPeople have used insect traps and repellents for years, but many effective practices for ridding pests aren’t as well known. Create your own “No Fly Zone“. An example of this is the Big Stinky Fly Trap which incorporates tube bending to create small traps for common pests. This device is very effective in capturing and killing insects that are known to breed quickly and cause damage to local ecosystems and habitats.

What is it?

The shape of the Big Stinky Fly Trap is comparable to that of a light bulb. A bent glass or plastic “bulb” is fixed to a component that can hang from trees, plant hooks, or gets attached to different areas outside of the home. The upper plastic housing has holes that allow insects to enter.

How Does It Work?

Once the fly trap is assembled, it is then filled with a viscous fluid that comes packaged in bottles. The “Fly Trap fluid” contains essences of fish and plant material that attracts female insects. Females are attracted to these scents in nature because they are signals of good breeding sites. Once lured, the female insect will enter the top of the trap through one of its one-way holes. Once inside, they cannot find their way out, and they begin to secrete a different essence that alerts males.

Once the males catch the scent, they follow the females into the trap. They cannot survive within the trap and die in the digestive juices of the fluid. This causes even more scent to be excreted that creates a cycle effect where more waves of insects are lured to the trap, one after another.

For the trap to be most successful, the fly trap fluid should be mixed with another attractive liquid like orange juice or apple cider vinegar. The traps are perfect for use in areas prone to swarms of pests, such as barns, stables, homes near bodies of water, and areas with hot climate.

Types of Pests It Works On

The Big Stinky Fly Trap works on a plethora of flying insects. Along with killing traditional house flies, the trap can lure pesky fruit flies, biting horse flies, stinging yellow jackets, and other potentially dangerous insects. Once the bulb is full, it can be cleaned out and refilled with fluid to be used again and again. It is perfect for dealing with seasons of different insect invaders throughout the year.

Some of the most intuitive products are easy and safe to use, and this includes the Big Stinky Fly trap. It’s innovation in tube bending allow it to capture hundreds of pests in a convenient manner. Fly trap fluid can be re-ordered so that the device can be kept and used for a lifetime. One or several around a home can quickly rid the area of overwhelming numbers of insects.