scare poles on dockSeagull, duck, and goose mess can be very difficult to scrub off your pier, especially when the sun dries it out. In order to prevent this common occurrence, take a look at C R Industries’ own invention “Scare Poles” or removable posts. These posts slide into the side of the pier, where a tight string connects to each post all the way around the pier. These scare poles stop the birds from landing onto the pier. Birds dive in order to land on the pier, and once they see the string, swoop back into the air. It is impossible for them to make such a quick landing! For those of you who have family, it is simple to remove the posts to make the water and pier accessible to everyone! The kit includes 6 post brackets, 6 posts, and 200 feet of colored deterrent twine.

Scare Poles are simply the best fowl deterrent on the market! Call us at 414-744-3996 for more info.