Times have changed over the last few months. These changes will impact our future without a doubt. Businesses will have to adjust to new customer and employee expectations. Whether the business is a grocery store, restaurant, tavern, doctor office, or a gym, providing sanitizing products will need to be provided.

Fifteen years ago, our company was approached to design a wall mount bracket to hold Lysol and Clorox wet wipes canisters. We have been selling them ever since. Who would have thought that Covid-19 would have come along and made these products even more relevant.

Through the years, we have added more products that fall into the category of Hand sanitizing equipment. We have designed brackets and holders for Purell Hand Sanitizer pump bottles. We have designed a low cost, but durable Free Standing Display Stand that can hold all of our Lysol Wipe brackets and hand sanitizing brackets. We also have a Large Gym wipe dispenser stand, that includes a Wipe Dispenser that holds 650 wet wipes. These are also great for any business or casino.

What makes us unique to all of the other companies that have similar products is that we have them in stock and can ship almost immediately. We are a small enough company to be flexible in our manufacturing capabilities, yet large enough to produce large quantities quickly and efficiently. And unlike many of the products you find on the internet, our products are 100% Made in the U.S.A!

Small Free Standing Universal Wipe Dispenser Stand
Large Gym Wet Wipe Dispenser stand with Wipe Dispenser and Waste Container
Large Hand Sanitizer Security Bracket. Wall, Stand or Counter top mount.
Purell Hand Sanitizer Security bracket. Wall mount or counter top. Also mounts on small wipe dispenser stand.