We do powder coating of metal partsComparing powder coating to paint reveals that powder is superior in many ways. Its qualities led us to start using it soon after it proved its capabilities as a better finishing option. We use advanced technology to apply a protective finish to a range of products. Our experience with powder coating shows that it produces a durable and high-quality finish. We recommend it as a long-lasting finish for metal products that prevents fading, wear, scratches and chips. Understand the Basics of Powder Coating Metal.

Choosing a Practical Option

Less expensive than liquid finishes, powder coating offers lasting color that prevents the need for repainting. Its uniform appearance makes it more attractive than paint that drips, runs and mars the finish. We use a bonding process that makes metal resist corrosion. Preventing the effects of exposure to chemicals and the sun’s rays avoids repairs and resurfacing.

Preferring an Earth-friendly Product

Powder coating avoids many of the environmental concerns that volatile organic compounds present. Without the solvents in paint that pollute air and water, it meets Environmental Protection Agency standards. Unlike paint overspray that clings to surfaces, excess powder coating is reusable and avoids waste.

Selecting Versatility

Manufacturers can achieve a competitive edge with powder coating for metal products. We stock more than 100 colors and have access to thousands more. Finishes that we use for metal include gloss and high gloss, flat or satin in metallic, transparent, iridescent, wrinkle or hammer tone.

Hundreds of parts that supply the automotive industry, appliance manufacturers, construction and farming use powder coating. Manufacturers of lawn, patio, and electronic equipment choose powder coating instead of paint for its beauty, durability, economy and practicality.

Understanding the Process

We use an electrostatic process to apply an organic powder to metal parts that allows the charged particles to create a finish without paint. Initial steps involve preparing the surface to achieve a bond before we subject the parts to heat. The result is a durable, long-lasting powder coat with a professional finish.

Any metal object except magnesium can endure the heating process that makes powder coating superior to paint. Parts that manufacturers require from steel, copper, brass, aluminum, titanium and other metals can achieve a good effect from the process. Some fit into the manufacture of industrial and commercial objects. Sports equipment, cars, bicycles, motorcycles and snowmobiles contain powder coated parts that are not visible in completed products.

Choosing to Save Time and Money

Our family’s reputation for top craftsmanship and competitive prices since 1985 provides an economic advantage for businesses. Our 44,000-square foot plant serves companies across the nation. We can meet the demand for small runs as well as large volume jobs. Every company can save time and money with our leading-edge technology. We provide full service for every aspect of metal fabrication under one roof. From planning and engineering a product to applying powder coating, our efficient process produces a superior outcome on every job. Call us at 414-744-3996 to find out what we can do for you.