October is Wisconsin Manufacturing Month

October is Wisconsin Manufacturing Month

Celebrating the rewards of working in an industry that is essential to Wisconsin’s prosperity, “October is Manufacturing Month” recognizes some little-known facts. The industry supports more than 450,000 jobs that contributed in excess of $55 billion to the state’s economy in 2014. Paying $10,000 more than the average salary of all private sector workers, manufacturing employers provide health benefits to 84 percent of employees as opposed to 77 percent for all workers.

Focusing on an Industry Metal Fabricating Leader

A family run business starting with two employees and three machines in 1985, C R Industries now boasts 50 employees and 45,000 square feet of space for full-service metal fabricating. The company’s motto, “Start to Finish Metal Fabricating Milwaukee, Wisconsin” confirms the range of services that clients receive. Powder coating capabilities produce high-quality finishes on a range of products that include heavy machinery as well as household items.

C R Industries adopted the practice soon after the dry finishing process was introduced. With a powder coat line that can handle part sizes as large as 24″ x 66″ x 120″, the company stocks more than 100 colors. Thousands more metallic, textured or custom colors are available as well. A complete range of metal fabrication services under one roof provides clients convenient access to the highest levels of professionalism and excellence.

Considering Advantages and Benefits

From its plant in Cudahy near Milwaukee, the company promotes the use of powder coating for its desirable attributes. The Weisflog family maintains a long tradition of providing the highest quality of coating to enhance the appearance of metals while providing protection from the elements. The durability and the long lasting quality of the application extend the useful lifespan of equipment, offering these benefits:

  • surfaces that resist scratches, chipping, weaning and fading more efficiently than other finishes
  • use of materials that withstand the effects of sunlight
  • surface finishes that resist abrasion, impact and corrosion
  • availability of a nearly unlimited choice of colors
  • use of techniques that produce desired levels of gloss
  • finishes that are resistant to chemicals and solvents
  • options to select texture finishes that include matte, wrinkled, rough or smooth

C R Industries supports environmentally friendly manufacturing methods that have the approval of the Environmental Protection Agency. The powder coating process is free of thinners and solvents, and it produces no hazardous waste.

Promoting Careers in Manufacturing

The celebration of “October is Manufacturing Month” gives employers opportunities to invite teachers, parents, students and guidance counselors to tour facilities and observe metal fabricating and production processes. Wisconsin is a leader in manufacturing, providing a concentration of jobs in the industry that is 87 percent higher than the national average. The state‚Äôs investment of $150 million in college and technical school training programs enhances students’ knowledge of productivity and the demands of workplace readiness.