Get rid of flies and yellow jackets with the Big Stinky Fly Trap made by C R Industries, a Wisconsin metal fabrication company.

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Desperate Times

Few things in life are more disgusting than flies. They are little more than small, flying blobs of filth and disease which feed off of waste and rotting refuse. They also breed like … well, like flies. The formal estimated number of flies on this planet is 17 quadrillion. That is an actual number, beyond the human capacity to count! They swarm around barns, kennels, garbage cans, camp sites, outhouses, recreational areas, and backyard patios as an unwelcome presence in areas meant to be enjoyed or at least utilized by human beings.

Desperate Measures

Flyswatters are ineffective fly control at best. You might spend 10 minutes chasing a single fly around with that dirty instrument that has already been spattered with the innards of previous vermin, smacking ineffectively at various surfaces where it lands multiple times before you finally get lucky and actually nail the pest. Sprays only work when you are present to use them and only kill the flies that also happen to be present, and flypaper catches just those flies that happen to blunder into it. Let’s face it: there really isn’t a way to put much of a dent in 17 quadrillion flies that breed faster than bunnies—each female fly lays several batches of about 75 to 150 eggs in her lifetime! But C R Industries, a company that specializes in metal fabrication, manufactures a helpful device they call the Big Stinky Fly Trap that can at least detour the insects away from common outdoor areas.

Metal Fabrication to the Rescue

Who would have thought that a metal fabrication company would make a contribution to the world of pest control? But the Big Stinky Fly Trap (appealing name, right?) does promote a fly-free haven by first luring female flies using an attraction fluid made with raw fish or meat, which to a female fly smells like an ideal place to lay eggs. She makes her way into the trap, and then her sex scent attracts other male flies in the area. Once inside the trap, the flies are “digested” by the fluid, generating a scent even more attractive to female flies, which starts the cycle again. It works well, but take warning: it isn’t called a “stinky” trap for nothing. Don’t use the thing indoors—what smells good to a garbage-guzzling fly will not tantalize you!

Recycled Fly Carcasses

But what does one do with a jar full of thousands of dead, rotting flies? Surprisingly, they make great fertilizer! Flies, especially in the quantities that the Big Stinky Fly Trap catches, are made up in large part of nitrogen, phosphorous and potash. The by-product of a full Big Stinky Fly Trap is natural and environment-friendly, and you can bury it six inches deep by the roots of trees or shrubs as a plant food and growth stimulator. This is unquestionably the most useful purpose to ever be fulfilled by the life of a filthy fly!