Neck rings for your compressed gas cylinders

Neck rings for your compressed gas cylinders

Compressed gas cylinders are used to store a wide range of chemical compounds at high pressure. Petrochemicals are among the most commonly stored substances, but many other types of gas may be stored in these cylinders. OSHA regulations require that gas cylinders must display clearly readable information regarding their contents and any health or safety hazards associated with those gases. Working with a metal fabrication company can allow you to stay on the right side of federal, state and local regulations while providing the required information for distributors and end users of your compressed gas cylinders. Here are some of the key features of neck rings for compressed gas cylinder systems.

Maintaining Accurate Information

Cylinder neck rings are designed to remain permanently attached just below the base of the valve and display the current or original owner’s name. In some cases, these rings are color-coded to indicate the contents of the cylinder; however, this practice is not in use industry-wide and is discouraged by some experts due to the risk of misidentification by less experienced consumers. When cylinders change hands, the neck ring should be updated to reflect the most current information. A full-service metal fabrication company can provide the updated neck rings necessary to ensure the highest degree of safety for consumers and end users.

Versatile Design Options for Compressed Gas Cylinder Neck Rings

These customized rings can be embossed with your company’s name or left plain. Coarse or fine thread sizes are available, and these items can be plated with zinc or powder coated as your needs require. Specialty neck rings are designed to fit medical equipment and other compressed gas setups and are available in a number of different configurations, including the following:

* Scalloped
* Skirtless
* Short skirt

Each of these options can be embossed or left plain. In some cases, it may be more practical to install a new neck ring over an existing one. By using a reliable adhesive and a customized neck ring sleeve, you can add your company name or remove an outdated one in just seconds. This can streamline your regulatory compliance routine while ensuring the highest degree of safety for your workers and for end users of your compressed gas cylinders.

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