POP DisplayThe right displays can set your company apart from its competition and can attract public attention for your products and services. Point of purchase (POP) displays are used in a variety of commercial and industrial environments, including the following:

  • Backlit menu boards for restaurants
  • Showroom displays for automotive dealerships
  • Soft drink advertising stand-ups
  • Beer and liquor banners and posters
  • Canopies emblazoned with corporate logos or product brands
  • Signs to indicate the aisle location of items in a grocery store

Displays can also be used to promote products and brands in the trade show and exposition environment. The processes used to create these innovative marketing tools can be complex and typically require the services of a professional fabrication firm with expertise in this area.

Concept and Design of Displays

Depending on the type of display to be constructed, the fabrication company may be tasked with coming up with a concept and a design for these promotional items. POP displays generally can be categorized according to the type of materials used in their construction:

  • Heavy-duty cardboard displays are generally used indoors and may be designed to hang on a wall, sit on a countertop or stand on the floor.
  • Banners and posters are usually made of paper or cloth and are designed to hang from ceilings, in doorways or on walls.
  • Metal and acrylic signs can be suspended from the ceiling or used as part of a larger display to showcase products and brands.
  • Backlit displays generally consist of a light panel, electrical wiring, a metal frame and acrylic or plastic panels printed with the information or promotional material to be displayed

Determining the right medium for the message can be an important step in the design and fabrication process for these marketing displays.

Creating a POP Display

Fabricating and assembling a POP display requires the use of a number of different professional skills, including the following:

  • Aluminum fabrication to create lightweight, attractive signs for indoor or outdoor use
  • Installation of lighting and electrical connections to create backlit displays
  • Professional powder coating and printing to produce the most attractive results
  • Stainless steel fabrication and tube bending to create a sturdy frame for these displays
  • Screen printing for fabric and acrylic sign materials

Working with an established and experienced fabrication company like C R Industries can streamline the production process for POP displays and exhibits and can ensure the most effective exposure for products, services, brands and companies. These advanced marketing materials can increase your visibility among consumers in the frame of mind to buy, allowing you to boost your profitability in the competitive marketplace.