catch yellow jackets with a fly trapMaintaining control of flies is critical to health and hygiene in both the agricultural and industrial fields. The Big Stinky Fly Trap is a convenient and effective solution for the control of fruit flies and house flies in these environments. With a slight modification to the fluid used to attract these pests, the Big Stinky Fly Trap can even be used to eliminate yellow jacket infestations to create a safer and more pleasant working environment.

Persistent Pests Kept under Control

Especially in precision industries that include metal manufacturing and welding, removing distractions from the working area is critical to achieve the best results. House flies, fruit flies and yellow jackets can disrupt workflows and cause discomfort for staff members in these areas. With more than 16,000 species of flies in North America alone, managing these pests can seem to be an insurmountable problem. Products like the Big Stinky Fly Trap use specialized bait that attracts most common species of flies and draws them into an enclosure from which they cannot readily escape. This provides real relief from flying pests in the working environment.

No Harmful or Toxic Chemicals

Pesticides can cause serious problems for livestock and poultry in agricultural environments and for people in the industrial and metal manufacturing fields. Because the Big Stinky Fly Trap uses nontoxic bait fluid and mechanical trapping methods, it is far safer for animals and people while providing effective relief from flying pests and the potential illnesses they can carry and transmit. This green-friendly pest control method can be used almost anywhere to control fly populations and prevent them from creating distractions and causing discomfort in barns, stables and industrial work spaces.

Effective Control of Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are predatory wasps native to the U.S. These stinging insects live in colonies located close to the ground. As many as 1,000 workers may be associated with a single colony and paper nesting site. Yellow jackets are fiercely territorial and are likely to sting animals and workers who venture too close to their nests. Once a colony has been established, professional help may be necessary to remove the nest and eliminate the threat to people and livestock. The Big Stinky Fly Trap can be used to prevent a colony from taking root in working areas, stables, barns and feedlots. By capturing yellow jackets scouting the area, business owners and managers can avoid the expense and worry associated with eliminating an established colony in these working areas.

By opting for the Big Stinky Fly Trap to manage these insect infestations, industrial and agricultural sites can remain free of these annoying and sometimes dangerous pests without harsh or toxic chemicals and the complications they can cause. The Big Stinky Fly Trap is easy to use and is available from C R Industries, a leading metal manufacturing firm that offers a wide range of welding and fabrication services for industrial and commercial concerns. This innovative fly and yellow jacket control system can provide an effective solution for businesses and farms to increase safety and enhance hygiene in the working environment.