A Lighted POP Display

POP DisplayPOP Display
Point of Purchase (POP) displays are some of our favorite projects we handle for our customers, especially when we produce the parts from start to finish. All of the components from this display were manufactured, powder coated and assembled here. We drop shipped the final product to the end user.

This POP display was expedited to ship in less than a week. All of the steel components were laser cut on our Amada CNC laser cutting machines, with automated load/unload shelves. This allows for Lights Out Manufacturing during off hours.  The components were formed on one of our many CNC press brakes. The welded parts are then ground and polished, with no visible weld seams or marks. As with many displays, aesthetics is the key. We take great care in making sure the end product is visually perfect for retail use. All parts were powder coated a stock white, on our in-house powder coat line.

We then added the customer supplied vinyl decals. We have been decaling for many years now. We have been adding vinyl decals to displays and pump valances for many of our customers. We consider ourselves experts at this process. On this POP display we added the LED lighting.  Many of our customers will supply all non-metal components for the assembly operation. That would include the cartons, hardware, decals, lights, electrical components, and the products being displayed. In some cases, our customers will ask us to purchase all or some of the non-metal components, which is perfectly fine too! This display was tested prior to the final pack to ensure all working functions.

Contact us for any of your metal fabricated parts or assemblies. We can produce almost any metal part, whether your company is a large OEM manufacturer, Point of Purchase display house, machine shop, or a start-up company looking for a small run or prototypes. We do any job, big or small!