Lapping CarriersIn the manufacturing world, lapping is used to polish materials and to create smooth surfaces for metal parts and components. Lapping carriers and workholders are designed to provide support for these materials during the process and must be able to stand up to the pressures and friction created during the polishing procedures. These manufacturing components are a critical part of the metal fabrication process and are designed to fit specific types of lapping machines. For this reason, they may require custom machining or manufacturing to ensure top performance in the industrial environment.

Custom Polishing for Manufacturing Needs

Lapping processes use the power of friction to create extremely smooth surfaces or specifically textured rough surfaces. This is typically accomplished in one of two ways:

* Single lapping uses a durable plate and an abrasive medium to create smooth surfaces on brittle materials that may include glass or metal. Also known as grinding, this is the process most often used to create glass lenses or precision metal parts.
* Double lapping is used when two parts must fit together perfectly. By polishing and grinding both parts simultaneously against the same abrasive medium, two-piece lapping processes allow greater uniformity between the components produced using this method.

Companies that specialize in metal fabrication can determine which of these two manufacturing processes is best suited to the needs of industrial firms.

Lapping Plates and Workholders

In the metal manufacturing environment, durable and reliable lapping carriers are necessary to hold the materials to be polished or ground and to ensure reliable and accurate results. Over time, these workholders and plates can become warped or damaged due to the constant pressures of polishing to the required specifications. Replacement lapping carriers and workholders must fit not only the machine to be used but also the materials to be ground using the lapping method. Top-quality lapping plates can significantly improve the results achieved by metal fabrication firms.

Companies like CR Industries can provide custom-made replacements or initial lapping carriers and workholders to fit almost any machine and any manufacturing need. By working with an experienced metalworking and fabrication team, your company can achieve increased accuracy and improved performance for all your metal component needs.

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