industrial clampMetal industrial clamps are used to connect two items together to create a secure and durable seal or to hold items in place for adjustments and repairs. These clamps can be configured in a wide range of ways to suit the needs of your business. Here are some of the most commonly found types of metal clamps in the industrial environment:

Hand and Table Clamps

Vises and hand clamps are typically used to hold a part in place while adjustments are made to its settings or while it is connected to another part. Hand clamps can be used in carpentry and manufacturing operations to streamline various processes during these activities. Without these industrial clamps, a single-person job could take two or even three people to complete successfully.

Strap Clamps

These clamps are designed to connect two pipe, hose or tube ends together. Used primarily in plumbing, automotive and manufacturing industries, strap clamps encompass a wide range of subcategories that include pipe, hose and cable clamps. What these connectors have in common, however, is that they can be adjusted easily to create the ideal degree of tension and to hold parts together securely.

Half and Full V-Band Clamps

One of the most complex types of clamps, V-band clamps or V clamps are designed for specific industrial purposes and generally consist of an outer ring enclosing an interior set of segments designed to create a customized seal for components and parts. These clamps are ideal for situations in which connections must be made and then removed on a regular basis.

Channel Clamps

Designed to attach materials to posts, poles and other irregularly shaped items, channel clamps can be fabricated to suit your specific set of needs. This customized approach to connecting two components together can also prove useful in construction, signage and manufacturing processes and can allow the most comprehensive support for your ongoing industrial requirements.

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