POP retail displayHandsome golf and tennis shirts and shorts for women are sure to attract plenty of attention in a store, but a retail display can help shoppers focus on them. To create an impression, it must have something special to make a customer want to buy a new outfit. Customers who walk past a counter do not make the cash register ring, but a glass top on an aluminum frame can draw the attention that the fashions deserve. Our aluminum fabrication reflects the quality of the stylish outfits that the finest shops offer.

Understanding the Advantages of Aluminum

A glass top on an aluminum display table is a lighter alternative to wood or steel. A lightweight table gives merchants a way to move it to the best location next to a register. Its gleaming finish complements the décor in a store and creates a look that is fresh and clean. The presence of colorful garments on a spotless retail display table creates an eye-catching event that is sure to increase sales. Our aluminum fabrication process is the best in the industry. We take pride in creating POP displays that help merchants meet sales goals.

Using POP Displays to Increase Sales

Studies show that the amount of time that a shopper spends in a store equates to sales. Finding a way to encourage customers to stay longer is a key to selling more goods. Sales associates often find that buyers may add an item from a POP display to a purchase. In many cases, customers are glad that an associate was there to point out the values on the table. A beautiful display with square aluminum tubing provides a charming accent to a store’s décor.

When a shopper stops for a moment to look at something on display, it presents an opportunity to increase purchases. The bright colors that women wear on the golf course display beautifully on the glass top of a table. A feature that can make the table more attractive is our expertly crafted aluminum fabrication tubing. For tennis players who prefer to wear the traditional white, a POP display of white shorts and shirts is strikingly beautiful. Hats and headbands provide more items for players to look at as they consider how they can improve their game.

Creating a Lasting Impression

One of the most important aspects of a POP retail display is its lightness. Customers want to enjoy a feeling of freedom in a store without having to work their way past heavy objects that block their progress. Creating an impression that a store is easy to shop in makes customers return time and again to find their favorite items waiting for them.

With over 20 years experience, C R Industries helps design and manufacture POP displays. We have produced displays for large retail stores, menu systems for restaurants, showroom components for automobile dealerships, signage for beverage and liquor companies, and breakdown displays and signs for trade shows. Call us at 414-744-3996 to see what our POP displays can do for your store.