We provide welding servicesAs most metal fabrication professionals can attest, welding aluminum can be a challenging process that requires special care. Understanding the fundamental nature of aluminum can help in creating solid connections without discoloration, cracking or other defects that can occur during the welding process. Companies that offer professional welding services can often provide added insights into their own processes and practices. Here are four proven tips to help you weld aluminum more successfully.

Choose Top-Quality Equipment For Your Aluminum Welding

The quality of your torch can have a significant impact on the results you achieve. Opting for a high-quality alternating current (AC) torch can ensure that your welds proceed more smoothly. Water-cooled torches are preferred over air-cooled models because they allow longer periods of continuous welding without overheating.

Use the Right Materials

The American Welding Society classifies aluminum filler materials according to their properties in a variety of categories, including the following:

* Strength
* Crack resistance
* Resistance to corrosion
* Ductility
* Color and propensity for discoloration
* Resistance to heat during and after the welding process

Depending on your primary areas of concern, choosing the right filler can improve the results of your welding efforts and can reduce the risk of cracks, discoloration and other common defects. In some cases, filler metals that incorporate silicon can reduce stress on joints during shrinkage after the weld.

Consider the Joint Design

Choosing a joint configuration designed to accept larger amounts of filler materials can reduce the risk of cracks or breaks. While these joint designs may not be suited to all applications, they can provide added stability and protection against welding defects in cases where they can be implemented safely. Adjusting your welding plan to allow for a little added material in your joints can provide increased support for these aluminum connection points.

Clean Away the Oxide Layer

Pre-cleaning the surfaces to be welded can allow a better connection during the welding process. This can be achieved by scrubbing with a wire brush to remove the oxide layer mechanically or by using approved cleaning materials to eliminate the layer chemically. This can prevent discoloration and can ensure the most aesthetically pleasing results when welding aluminum.

Companies like C R Industries can provide expert aluminum welding services that provide added durability and improved appearance for all your project needs. By working with a professional metal fabrication firm, you can reduce the risk of defects in your welding activities and can ensure the most attractive and functional results. We weld all kinds of materials. C R Industries can provide you with the guidance and expertise needed to achieve your goals in the fabrication and construction industries.