image of houseflyAs summer gets underway, people who enjoy spending time outdoors encounter their yearly dilemma of fighting off flies. Along with pestering houseflies, farmers, ranchers, gardeners, and other outdoor enthusiasts often have to deal with bigger and more bothersome fly varieties that range from horse flies to garbage flies. When they want to get rid of these pests with methods that go beyond using fly swatters, people can find a more effective solution to this problem by utilizing these strategies:

Dispose of Food and Garbage

Flies are notoriously attracted to rotting food and garbage. When outdoor lovers want to enjoy their yards, gardens, and other spaces without being pestered by these insects, they should remove rotting vegetation, open garbage bags, and other sources of food around which flies typically swarm. Even more, closing their garbage bins and hosing off areas that have had food in or on them can also discourage flies from invading people’s yards.

Keep Animals and Pens Clean

Flies are attracted to animal waste. When people want to keep flies at bay, they should keep their animals, as well as their animal pens clean. Removing soiled hay, hosing off horses that have been standing in muck-filled enclosures, and also cleaning out troughs in and around the barn can discourage flies from swarming a person’s yard.

Use Fly Traps for Effective Fly Control of Pesky Flies

One of the most effective ways to get rid of bothersome flies involves using traps. A trap like The Big Stinky Fly Trap, made by C R Industries, is helpful because it attracts and traps flies without letting them escape. As the trapped flies come into contact with the enzymes, they disintegrate into biodegradable fertilizer that can be added to gardens and flower beds. People who utilize this trap have the added benefit of not only getting rid of their flies, but also producing nutrients for their plants and flowers.

Remove Containers of Water

People who have bird baths, swimming pools, water troughs, and other water containers in their yards draw flies to their yards. When they want to discourage these pests, people should empty these containers. Flies, particularly horse flies, are known to lay their eggs in standing water. Eliminating open water in the yard can help people keep these pests away.

Spending time outdoors in the summer can be hampered when flies invade a person’s yard. People can use these tips to get rid of bothersome flies permanently.