cylinder neck rings and sleevesMany modern companies rely on gas cylinders. From appearing in healthcare facilities to being permanent fixtures on industrial manufacturing floors, these devices are critical to daily operations. Now, cylinder neck rings, skirts and sleeves have the potential to redefine the way these firms use their equipment. Here’s how.

The Problems With Gas Cylinders

Cylinder storage isn’t a perfect technology. Users and suppliers must overcome many challenges to keep their operations profitable:

Construction Vulnerabilities

Gas cylinders store their contents, which may be volatile or toxic, at pressures that exceed normal atmospheric conditions. This means that they must be tough enough to resist ruptures and leaks.

Although weldless body fabrication, anti-corrosion coating and testing can help, they’re only partial solutions. No matter how advanced they are, gas cylinders have critical weak points around the entry ports that their valves pass through.


When gas cylinders become weakened or compromised, they must be discarded or refurbished. While there’s no way around this necessity, certain bad practices may heighten the likelihood of unrecoverable failures. For instance, the neck rings that protect cylinder service valve mechanisms may sustain shocks or mechanical damage. Although careful handling procedures can potentially mitigate such problems, it’s not always feasible or cost-effective to control every aspect of storage, transportation and usage.


Cylinders commonly see action in hazardous, harsh or high-traffic environments. On top of exposing these containers to the danger of being severely damaged, such surroundings also contribute to the wear and tear that they sustain.

Labels and stickers attached to bottles may become abraded over time. In some storage arrangements, it’s just hard to read them because other heavy tanks surround a cylinder of interest. If someone steals a tank, they can easily remove its label, which makes the recovery process even more difficult.

Why Cylinder Neck Rings Are the Answer

Modifying a cylinder’s neck with a permanent ring can help solve all of these problems. Because these sleeves and skirt devices have wider radii than normal neck rings, they can potentially absorb or deflect direct forms of damage, such as blunt force strikes. In unclean environments, they may help stop debris, moisture and dirt from accumulating around the most at-risk cylinder parts and fouling them to the point of being unusable.

Adding neck sleeves to your tanks also lets you identify them with greater ease. Since you can customize individual skirts to include information like your company name, it’s easier for you and your users to keep track of equipment.

Cylinder neck rings represent minimal investments, but their protective qualities ensure that your tanks last longer and become more functional. They’re also easy to customize and install securely. To learn more about the advantages, talk to a C R Industries Inc specialist.