image of Tube Bending & Tube FabricationTubes and pipes are critical elements in the manufacturing and construction industries and are used to convey fluids and pressurized materials, provide support for building frames and to create various types of indoor and outdoor furnishings and equipment. A variety of methods are used to construct, cut and bend pipes for these purposes:

* Miter saw cutting for the most accurate joints, crosscuts and angles
* High-speed cutting for aluminum pipes and tubes
* Laser cutting to create precise notches and shapes in tubes
* Piercing of tubes to produce various sizes of holes and vents
* Bending for all types of tubing to produce parts for plumbing, furniture and other industrial and commercial products
* Welding tubes to each other or miscellaneous fabricated parts such as mounting plates, flanges, etc.

These processes can be used to create pipes and tubes suitable for use in construction, plumbing, furniture manufacture and a wide range of industrial environments.

Structural Elements

Rigid metal tubes are essential to building construction and provide added support when combined with other structural materials. In the equipment manufacturing field, rigid tubes are often used as integral elements in carts, storage solutions and other products that must stand up to repeated use in the industrial environment. Plumbing pipes require precise bending and forming to ensure the most effective use in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Working with a firm that has extensive experience in fabricating metal parts can ensure the most accurate results in all these architectural and construction activities.

Custom Laser Cutting Services

Most pipes and tubes must be cut to precise specifications to suit the needs of industry. Laser cutting techniques are often used to make smaller holes, notches and to create precise shapes in existing tubes and pipes. This can allow greater versatility in incorporating these parts into various industrial projects and can ensure the best possible results for a wide range of manufacturing needs.

Tube Bending and Shaping

Bending metal tubes and pipes requires care and attention to maintain the integrity of these materials. Square and rectangular pipes and tubes can be especially challenging. By outsourcing these tasks to an experienced and established metal fabrication firm, industrial and commercial companies can ensure the most precise and accurate angles for all types of tubing and piping.

Cutting, bending and shaping tubes and pipes to precise specifications can ensure the right fit for these materials. By taking advantage of the expertise available from established metal fabrication firms like C R Industries Inc., manufacturing firms can streamline the assembly process and can enjoy greater productivity in the working environment.