laser cutting custom metal partsCustom metal parts are used in a wide range of industries. These made-to-order components can bring new life to classic cars and antiquated equipment or can provide the driving force for prototypes and new inventions. Metal manufacturing companies can provide expert fabrication and laser cutting services to suit nearly any need. Here are four factors to consider when designing and producing custom parts for your corporate or personal projects:

Choosing the Right Materials

Selecting the right materials for the job can make a significant difference in the final result achieved by your metal fabrication company. For replacement parts, choosing a material as close as possible to the original can sometimes ensure a higher degree of compatibility with other component parts. Prototype parts, however, can generally be constructed from a wide range of metals, including the following:

* Mild steel
* Stainless steel
* Zinc
* Iron
* Brass
* Copper
* Aluminum
* Bronze

Laser Cutting for Custom Metal Parts

For most prototype parts and replacement components, laser cutting methods can ensure the greatest accuracy and the widest range of possible shapes and configurations. Laser cutting is best suited for aluminum plate, mild steel, acrylics and stainless steel materials and can significantly reduce the costs associated with initial fabrication and ongoing manufacturing. Some of the most important advantages of laser cutting include the following:

* Tolerances of plus or minus 0.005 inch are possible with this advanced cutting method.
* Your company will typically not incur retooling costs for laser cutting processes even when multiple unique parts are required for your project or prototype.
* Faster turnaround times can definitely provide your company with a competitive edge when taking products from initial inspirations to practical realities.

Choosing laser cutting can provide your company with increased options while reducing the cost of producing these critical components.

Custom Engineering

Professional metal fabrication firms often provide engineering services to ensure that your part performs as expected in the production environment. By working with these experienced fabrication engineers, you can ensure that your company receives the most practical solutions for working prototypes and manufacturing runs. These services can reduce the time needed to bring products to market and can enhance their durability and utility in real-world situations.

Putting It All Together

By choosing the right materials and metal manufacturing methods and consulting directly with professional engineers, you can ensure that your custom metal parts will be well suited for their intended uses. Your metal fabrication firm may offer value-added services that can enhance the utility of your finished parts:

* Powder coating can help these parts to resist extreme temperatures, corrosion, chipping and fading and can be applied to create specific textures or colors for your finished component.
* Bending and welding services can ensure the right fit for your custom parts.
* Assembly of finished products may also be available, especially for simpler items and display units.

These services can provide real help for your company in producing the precise parts needed for your projects.

By working with established metal fabrication companies like C R Industries, your company can enjoy the advantages of expert guidance and accurate laser cutting for all your prototype and component needs.