laser cutting POP displaysPoint of purchase, or POP, sales are critical to companies in every imaginable niche. It doesn’t matter if you sell groceries or high-end luxury items. POP displays make it easier to capitalize on consumers’ natural habits, and laser cutting lets you do so more efficiently.

How Custom Displays Promote Purchases

Shoppers love grabbing that one last item before checkout, and such behaviors drive revenue. The basic principle behind point of purchase marketing is that you should place profitable items within easy reach, but convenience isn’t the only important factor.

Point of purchase is far more effective when your displays actually make the products they contain appealing enough to catch the eye. Professionally designed, laser-cut displays that accentuate the highlights of product packaging help inventory stand out. These displays may also make it easier for consumers to grab promotional materials, such as coupon fliers and brochures, which drive further interaction with your brand. Because they’re designed around the specific item and point of sale in question, laser-cut displays contribute to a healthier retail ecosystem.

The Secrets Underlying Point of Purchase

Why not simply equip your checkout terminals with generic containers? According to psychology and marketing professors, the most effective way to convert people into buyers is to disrupt their habits.

A milk crate full of sale items may lack the visual appeal necessary to shock people into taking notice instead of staying buried in their phones. Uninspired displays can also contribute to clutter and make your facility appear unprofessional. By using displays that fit your spaces as well as your products, you help foster a more uniform, smoother checkout experience.

Adapting to Evolving Markets

POP is far too lucrative to ignore. Some studies suggest that point-of-sale terminals, like self-checkout registers, may soon become the norm in industries like retail, warehousing, entertainment, hospitality and even healthcare. Consumers around the world are getting used to being able to take a more proactive role, and it’s up to you to accommodate.

Unfortunately, traditional displays aren’t often designed for the modern era. For instance, the shelves and racks clustered around most cash registers simply don’t fit within the narrower spaces allotted to point of sale terminals. A countertop brochure holder may not be appropriate for a windy gas pump. Laser cutting solves many of these problems by creating POP tools you can hang, sit, mount and otherwise arrange within your space constraints. This makes them uniquely suited to the challenges of contemporary retail design.

Building a Stronger Presence

Finally, remember that POP displays don’t just show off products. When used correctly, they also promote your brand as a whole.

While printing an insert, sign or label can spruce up a bland POP setup, it’s better to commit to your marketing. The laser cutting experts at C R Industries can create sales displays that match your branding more closely. They also help build associated marketing materials that contribute to a more cohesive look. With so many brands out there, it’s essential that you make yours memorable, and laser-cut POP displays are a great start.