As States allow businesses to re-open across the country, what lies ahead is truly unknown. Whether you are person who believes it is time to move on, and get the economy going, or the person who wants to be careful and move ahead cautiously, business owners have choices to make. Providing wipe dispensers and hand sanitizing stands will go along way in providing comfort and security

Businesses have to decide how to protect their employees and their customers. Schools have to decide how to keep their students safe and classrooms clean and sanitary. Clinics have to keep their patients safe and the waiting rooms clean. What happens when the States re-open and more cases of Covid-19 appear? This will surely happen until their is a vaccine or a herd immunity develops. Will States shut down and issue new Stay at Home orders? Or will the States issue new legislation, requiring disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizing solution in every place that the public visits? Who can predict what happens next?

Making parents, students, employees, customers and patients feel comfortable entering your schools, restaurants, shops, stores and clinics is going to be vitally important. The sight of disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizing solution at the entrance of buildings and classrooms is surely going to go a long way in providing that comfort. Places that do not offer that service may be perceived as not keeping a sanitary and safe environment.

We have been providing wipe dispenser holders and dispensers for over 20 years and have seen a substantial increase in demand for our products. We have developed stands to hold our various sized wipe dispensers and hand sanitizer brackets and are in full production in keeping up with the demand. We have been contacted by name brand manufacturers of disinfecting wipes and sanitizing solution, to develop stands and holders for their current products and products soon to be in stores.

I am not here to debate the politics of the issues surrounding our great country. As citizens, we all have voices. We all have opinions. I believe in one thing for sure, and that is buy American made products. As our economy is down, we must help all our domestic companies, restaurants and stores. That is first and foremost. Respect your fellow man, even if you disagree with their political beliefs or with their position surrounding the Covid-19 situation. It is time to join together as Americans!

Large Wipe dispenser stand

Small wipe dispenser stand with holder.
Hand sanitizer security bracket. Wall mount, stand mount or counter top mount.
Disinfecting wipe canister holders and brackets. Wall mount, under counter mount and stand mount.