Scare poles are a great bird deterrent

Scare poles are a great bird deterrent

Keeping birds away from public areas can improve comfort and health for guests and workers in these areas. The mess and annoyance caused by these unwanted pests can add up to real trouble for small business operators and homeowners alike. Scare poles are a solid solution for these ongoing problems and can be used on piers, in enclosed storage areas and in outdoor picnic and park areas to repel birds and keep them from coming back. Powder coating is a must for these pest deterrent solutions and can help them stand up to the worst of wind and weather for years to come.

Benefits of Bird Deterrent Solutions

The scare poles manufactured and sold by C R Industries are superior examples of the mechanical approach to pest control. These innovative bird deterrent solutions offer real benefits over other methods of repelling birds:

* Scare poles require no poisons or harsh chemicals, making them a safer choice for the environment.
* These advanced solutions use the bird’s natural reluctance to settle on unstable surfaces to prevent avian guests on docks, piers and other walkways.
* The powder coating used by C R Industries to treat their steel brackets ensures the durability and longevity of these scare poles, allowing small business owners to enjoy the most cost-effective solutions for continuing bird problems.

By investing in these proven solutions for unwanted flocks of birds, private enterprises and public agencies can ensure greater safety for guests and customers in areas where birds naturally congregate.

Ideal for Use in a Wide Range of Venues

Mechanical scare poles can safely be used around children and pets. This allows their use around patios and porches and in private back yard areas. While they are most commonly used in gardens to keep birds away from fruits and vegetables, scare poles can also be installed on rooftops or window sills to frighten away persistent pests in these areas. Retail enterprises can also use scare poles to keep birds away from outdoor storage areas, allowing them to protect merchandise from damage due to bird infestations. The powder coating used by C R Industries to rustproof the brackets for their scare poles can ensure the most attractive appearance for these pest control solutions in the public arena.

C R Industries is currently seeking distributors for these advanced proprietary products. Their Bird Deterrent Scare Poles are an excellent value and can provide a safer and healthier environment for a wide array of small businesses and private residences. By investing in these green-friendly solutions for bird problems, consumers and business owners can enjoy the benefits of less mess and fewer birds to contend with on a daily basis.