If you’re looking to protect your surfaces using the highest quality material possible that will perform double-duty, powder coating provides the optimal balance of strength, dependability, and affordability. Understand the Basics of Powder Coating Metal. Unlike many other finishes that chip and flake due to the effects of chemical and physical weathering, a recently developed type of Powder coating called “antimicrobial powder coating” can enhance the properties to inhibit and prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria, and other organisms that can cause serious damage to your valued possessions.

The antimicrobial powder is actually composed of silver ions that are released across an object’s surface over time. Silver is noted for its safety and effectiveness against microorganisms, thus making it ideal for use on hospital and medical equipment, playground equipment, health equipment and air ducts, which are popular “hot spots” for harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

A Quick Look at History

Powder coating has remained one of the top finishes its introduction in the 1960s and has been used for countless products ranging from everyday appliances to industrial machinery and hospital equipment. This coating has proven its durability even in the most extreme weather conditions. Decorative finishes can also be successfully coated with the agent. Surprisingly enough, this coating has proven more effective than both stainless steel finishes and liquid paint.

A Brief Rundown of the Application Process

The application process for this agent is relatively simple. Both resin and pigment are finely crushed before they are distributed along the surface of the object. The rest of the procedure involves a hefty dose of science. The object itself must carry a negative charge in order to chemically bond with the positive charge of the coating. Once the object is heating and cured, the process is complete, and the final product is ready for many years of regular use in both domestic and industrial settings.

A Final Word for the Consumer

Powder Coating certainly offers the prudent choice if you’re looking for a durable substance that can be successfully applied to a diverse range of objects for every purpose imaginable. Not only will you naturally protect your possessions from damage and chemical/physical weathering, you’ll be able to reduce (or even eliminate) the use of fungicides and other harsh chemicals used to treat parasitic microorganisms. For more information about the services we offer to our valued customers, please visit our website here or contact us directly. We would be happy to address your needs with our professional and dedicated service.