Metal Fabricating

image of 15 Ton Turret PunchC R Industries, Inc. has the capabilities to do metal fabricating for almost all of your metal component needs. Whether it is sheet metal or structural steel, stainless steel or aluminum, tubular or plate stock, we can produce your part or product.  We have a large inventory of various gauges of steel and aluminum that we keep in stock that enables us to keep lead times down and execute rush orders.

image of 110 Ton 10 foot press brakeWe have several CNC turret presses with a large inventory of punches and specialized tooling. We have several CNC press brakes with a maximum length of 120″ and 110 ton capabilities. We have CNC machining and CNC turning capabilities in house also.

We also have the capabilities to roll form, tap and countersink, and have several punch presses with a maximum of 250 tons. We have spot welding capabilities along with certified MIG and TIG welders on staff. We have experience in welding carbon steels, aluminum and stainless steel.

We also have the capabilities to add threaded fasteners with our Pemserter Series Pneumatic Press. We also have the ability to add riv nuts, pop rivets and all other types of fasteners.

Please see our full capacity list or call 414-744-3996 if you have any questions on the services we offer.

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