Why Tolerance Matters in Aluminum and Stainless Steel Fabrication


Metal fabrication requires high tolerancesHow do you define the quality of your fabricated metal products? Do you track factors like manufacturing speed or cost? Perhaps you rely on end users to let you know when you’re doing a good job. Regardless whether you’re primarily concerned with economic feasibility, timetables or public opinion, tolerance is the underlying metric that makes superior metal fabrication possible.

What Is Tolerance?

In the world of precise engineering, tolerance is a measurement that gauges how much of a deviation from the target is acceptable. For instance, suppose you’re creating a part that’s meant to be 50 mm long. A tolerance of ±1 mm would mean that it could still function adequately if it were actually between 49 and 51 mm long. Continue reading

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Functional Retail Displays That Sell


POP retail displayHandsome golf and tennis shirts and shorts for women are sure to attract plenty of attention in a store, but a retail display can help shoppers focus on them. To create an impression, it must have something special to make a customer want to buy a new outfit. Customers who walk past a counter do not make the cash register ring, but a glass top on an aluminum frame can draw the attention that the fashions deserve. Our aluminum fabrication reflects the quality of the stylish outfits that the finest shops offer. Continue reading

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Efficient Metal Forming and Fabrication Available


It can be tough to find a high-quality company that specializes in metal forming and fabrication services. C R Industries, Inc., however, is a Cudahy, Wisconsin-based business that knows the ins and outs of the field. If you’re a professional designer engineer or engineer who is looking for meticulous metal fabrication work, C R Industries is able to accommodate all of your metalworking needs.

C R Industries offers metal fabrication expertise that can cater to the bulk of your metal part requirements. This metal fabrication and forming assistance can be appropriate for aluminum, stainless steel, structural steel and sheet metal. It can even be suitable for both plate and tubular options. C R Industries can successfully manufacture sturdy and durable components that can cater to your specific requests. The options available in aluminum and steel are abundant and varied. We always have everything we need on hand. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with fast deadlines, either. We can help take care of your rush orders with ease and confidence. Our goal here at C R Industries is to provide our loyal customers with lead times that can offer them substantial peace of mind and comfort.

press brake used in metal fabricationOur company is equipped with numerous CNC (Computer Numerical Control) presses. These feature sophisticated tooling alongside many choices in punches. We’re also equipped with numerous CNC press brakes. These press brakes are often as long as 120 inches. They can accommodate a total forming/punching capacity of 110 tons as well. If you’re interested in convenient and hassle-free on-site CNC turning and machining assistance, we can offer that to you, too. Continue reading

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Antimicrobial Powder Coating of Metal


If you’re looking to protect your surfaces using the highest quality material possible that will perform double-duty, powder coating provides the optimal balance of strength, dependability, and affordability. Understand the Basics of Powder Coating Metal. Unlike many other finishes that chip and flake due to the effects of chemical and physical weathering, a recently developed type of Powder coating called “antimicrobial powder coating” can enhance the properties to inhibit and prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria, and other organisms that can cause serious damage to your valued possessions.

The antimicrobial powder is actually composed of silver ions that are released across an object’s surface over time. Silver is noted for its safety and effectiveness against microorganisms, thus making it ideal for use on hospital and medical equipment, playground equipment, health equipment and air ducts, which are popular “hot spots” for harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Continue reading

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Benefits of Powder Coating for Metal Components and Equipment


powder coating services make this product more durablePowder coating treatments can enhance the appearance of metal equipment and can increase the durability of components that receive regular use. These advanced coatings offer significant benefits for commercial and industrial applications and can add a touch of elegance to items intended for consumer use. Here are some of the most important advantages of these coatings for your business.

Color Matching

Powder coat treatments can be formulated to match almost any color, allowing you to enjoy the widest range of options when designing your components and equipment. This can help you make the right aesthetic statement and can ensure the best reception from consumers and clients in the commercial and industrial fields. Companies that specialize in these coatings can also match gloss levels to create a cohesive look for your parts and equipment. Continue reading

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Powder Coating Your Metal Parts


We do powder coating of metal partsComparing powder coating to paint reveals that powder is superior in many ways. Its qualities led us to start using it soon after it proved its capabilities as a better finishing option. We use advanced technology to apply a protective finish to a range of products. Our experience with powder coating shows that it produces a durable and high-quality finish. We recommend it as a long-lasting finish for metal products that prevents fading, wear, scratches and chips. Understand the Basics of Powder Coating Metal.

Choosing a Practical Option

Less expensive than liquid finishes, powder coating offers lasting color that prevents the need for repainting. Its uniform appearance makes it more attractive than paint that drips, runs and mars the finish. We use a bonding process that makes metal resist corrosion. Preventing the effects of exposure to chemicals and the sun’s rays avoids repairs and resurfacing. Continue reading

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Powder Coating of Metal Products: Understanding the Basics


laser cut metal bracket with custom blue powder coat finishThanks to properties like its durability, strength and adaptability, metal is an obvious solution to many fabrication challenges. Like most building materials, however, metal functions best when it’s combined with other substances. To prevent corrosion, increase longevity and create specific external appearances, expert engineers, designers and fabricators commonly rely on powder coating of metal products. Here are some insights into this fascinating modern process.

The Powder Coat Process Explained

Powder coat pigments begin as dry powders that lack the liquid solvents found in other paints. These coatings, or thermoset powders, are dispensed via nozzles. These devices, commonly referred to as corona guns, give the particles a negative electrical charge as they spray them in the direction of the item to be painted. Continue reading

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Tube Bending and Fabrication: Types and Applications


The right tube bending services can streamline your manufacturing process and provide you with added flexibility in managing workflows on your site. Part­nering with a professional metal fabrication firm can offer significant advantages for your company. Here are some key facts to consider about tube and pipe bending when planning your next major manufacturing project.

Tube Bending Methods and Applications

Tube bending and fabrication processes are designed to create precise bends and curves in pipes and other hollow metal components. The finished products can be used in a wide range of industrial applications and include the following:

* Plumbing installations
* Auto parts, including exhaust pipes and roll cages
* Shopping carts
* Large-scale metal signs
* Handrails and handles

Tube and pipe bending strategies vary depending on the desired result and include the following:
Continue reading

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Three Secrets to Improving Your Next Project With Laser Cutting


Laser Cutting at C R IndustriesIn the modern world of metal fabrication, there are many techniques that promise amazing returns. Laser cutting is one of the most interesting, and its adaptability makes it extremely attractive to businesses.

Of course, there’s a right tool for every job, so it’s important to think carefully about whether laser cutting might suit yours. Keep the following three factors in mind as you plan your next industrial project: Continue reading

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Shipping and Packaging Products: Factors to Look For


Roll Stand with castersThe right shipping and packaging accessories can speed distribution and ensure the greatest productivity in the working environment. Carton stands, wall and floor racks and other packaging equipment are essential for your workers and the most effective use of staff time in preparing materials for shipment. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when designing and ordering shipping accessories for your business enterprise:


Working with a manufacturing company with a proven reputation for durable and reliable products can help you derive the greatest benefit from your packaging equipment. This can reduce downtime caused by broken or defective items. Durability is a key concern for items in the production environment and should be a factor in your final decision to purchase. Continue reading

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