Metal Industrial Clamps


Metal Industrial ClampsOur leadership in the laser cutting metal industry spans more than 30 years of innovation and development. Advances in technology through the years make machining on your engineering projects an unnecessary expenditure of time and money. With more than 44,000 square feet in our expanded facility, we fabricate precise parts and products including metal industrial clamps for our clients.

Appreciating the Superiority of Laser Cuts

Laser beams remain precise and sharp without dulling from use. Created by the stimulation of a crystal through an electrical discharge, a laser beam can cut through metallic materials with ease. The common characteristics of laser cuts include cleanliness, accuracy and precision.

Choosing Quality Materials

Poor quality metal can prevent a clamp from providing a secure connection between parts. Clamps may seem commonplace and ordinary, but they are essential in many fields. In your construction and plumbing jobs, they are almost as helpful as an extra set of hands. In auto mechanics, many repairs are impossible without them. As you search for ways to make your work more efficient, you may consider the various types of clamps that can help you.

Understanding Types of Industrial Clamps

The size and shape of clamps allow them to perform diverse functions, and you can find one that fits a task perfectly.

* Strap

Your workshop needs at least one strap clamp to pull together joints that other types of clamps cannot do. They are capable of fitting irregular sizes and shapes.

* Channel

Fitting various shapes and sizes of pipes, channel clamps support conduit and prevent its movement while you work on it.

* V-band

A versatile clamp that has a history of serving the United States in war and peace, V-bands secured the atomic bomb on board the Enola Gay in World War II. Friendship 7 used them to secure the booster rockets that delivered John Glenn safely home. Common uses for them include joining piping and tubing.

* Full Circle

A tool that increases your productivity, a full circle clamp lets you connect pipes or hold repair parts in place. Gaskets allow the clamp to work effectively in moist conditions.

* U-clamps

Providing support for heavy pipes, these clamps may secure antenna sections as well.

Our family-operated business takes pride in fabricating the highest quality parts and products for our clients. Our laser cutting metal services reflect the dedication that our team has for providing products that can improve your productivity.

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