Sanitizing Products for New Way of Life


Times have changed over the last few months. These changes will impact our future without a doubt. Businesses will have to adjust to new customer and employee expectations. Whether the business is a grocery store, restaurant, tavern, doctor office, or a gym, providing sanitizing products will need to be provided.

Fifteen years ago, our company was approached to design a wall mount bracket to hold Lysol and Clorox wet wipes canisters. We have been selling them ever since. Who would have thought that Covid-19 would have come along and made these products even more relevant.

Through the years, we have added more products that fall into the category of Hand sanitizing equipment. We have designed brackets and holders for Purell Hand Sanitizer pump bottles. We have designed a low cost, but durable Free Standing Display Stand that can hold all of our Lysol Wipe brackets and hand sanitizing brackets. We also have a Large Gym wipe dispenser stand, that includes a Wipe Dispenser that holds 650 wet wipes. These are also great for any business or casino.

What makes us unique to all of the other companies that have similar products is that we have them in stock and can ship almost immediately. We are a small enough company to be flexible in our manufacturing capabilities, yet large enough to produce large quantities quickly and efficiently. And unlike many of the products you find on the internet, our products are 100% Made in the U.S.A!

Small Free Standing Universal Wipe Dispenser Stand
Large Gym Wet Wipe Dispenser stand with Wipe Dispenser and Waste Container
Large Hand Sanitizer Security Bracket. Wall, Stand or Counter top mount.
Purell Hand Sanitizer Security bracket. Wall mount or counter top. Also mounts on small wipe dispenser stand.

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Changing times and customer comfort


As States allow businesses to re-open across the country, what lies ahead is truly unknown. Whether you are person who believes it is time to move on, and get the economy going, or the person who wants to be careful and move ahead cautiously, business owners have choices to make. Providing wipe dispensers and hand sanitizing stands will go along way in providing comfort and security

Businesses have to decide how to protect their employees and their customers. Schools have to decide how to keep their students safe and classrooms clean and sanitary. Clinics have to keep their patients safe and the waiting rooms clean. What happens when the States re-open and more cases of Covid-19 appear? This will surely happen until their is a vaccine or a herd immunity develops. Will States shut down and issue new Stay at Home orders? Or will the States issue new legislation, requiring disinfecting wipes or hand sanitizing solution in every place that the public visits? Who can predict what happens next?

Making parents, students, employees, customers and patients feel comfortable entering your schools, restaurants, shops, stores and clinics is going to be vitally important. The sight of disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizing solution at the entrance of buildings and classrooms is surely going to go a long way in providing that comfort. Places that do not offer that service may be perceived as not keeping a sanitary and safe environment.

We have been providing wipe dispenser holders and dispensers for over 20 years and have seen a substantial increase in demand for our products. We have developed stands to hold our various sized wipe dispensers and hand sanitizer brackets and are in full production in keeping up with the demand. We have been contacted by name brand manufacturers of disinfecting wipes and sanitizing solution, to develop stands and holders for their current products and products soon to be in stores.

I am not here to debate the politics of the issues surrounding our great country. As citizens, we all have voices. We all have opinions. I believe in one thing for sure, and that is buy American made products. As our economy is down, we must help all our domestic companies, restaurants and stores. That is first and foremost. Respect your fellow man, even if you disagree with their political beliefs or with their position surrounding the Covid-19 situation. It is time to join together as Americans!

Large Wipe dispenser stand

Small wipe dispenser stand with holder.
Hand sanitizer security bracket. Wall mount, stand mount or counter top mount.
Disinfecting wipe canister holders and brackets. Wall mount, under counter mount and stand mount.
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Why Quality Parts and Engineering Services Matter


micrometerBusiness and industrial systems depend on armies of technological components. To perform their jobs correctly, everything from healthcare tools to fuel distribution devices must incorporate high-quality parts that are engineered to withstand routine wear and abnormal abuse.

To meet the demand, many parts are designed to exceed usage and quality standards. Such practices place increased responsibility on the metal fabrication enterprises that create the components in the first place. Continue reading

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Lapping Carriers & Workholders: The Key to Precision Metal Manufacturing


Lapping Carriers & WorkholdersWhile you might not need the metal components you’re making to be shiny, a lapping machine can be used to create a flat, uniform surface, improving manufacturing precision and aiding in the creation of complex shapes. The main factor in getting good results from a lapping machine comes down to the design of the lapping carrier.

How a Lapping Machine Works

The lapping carrier, sometimes called a “work holder,” holds parts inside the lapping machine, maintaining a parallel orientation between the part and the polishing surface. This carrier spins while a polishing plate passes underneath it, moving abrasives against the part surface in an orbital pattern. To keep the parts in place, a large weight or jig pushes down on the both the parts and the carrier. In double-sided lapping machines, the positioning tool has its own polishing surface. As the abrasive rubs against the part, the surface is milled, removing scratches, trash and minor manufacturing imperfections. Continue reading

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Industrial Clamps from the Metal Work Experts


industrial clampMetal industrial clamps are used to connect two items together to create a secure and durable seal or to hold items in place for adjustments and repairs. These clamps can be configured in a wide range of ways to suit the needs of your business. Here are some of the most commonly found types of metal clamps in the industrial environment:

Hand and Table Clamps

Vises and hand clamps are typically used to hold a part in place while adjustments are made to its settings or while it is connected to another part. Hand clamps can be used in carpentry and manufacturing operations to streamline various processes during these activities. Without these industrial clamps, a single-person job could take two or even three people to complete successfully. Continue reading

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Could Cylinder Neck Rings and Sleeves Make Your Enterprise More Profitable?


cylinder neck rings and sleevesMany modern companies rely on gas cylinders. From appearing in healthcare facilities to being permanent fixtures on industrial manufacturing floors, these devices are critical to daily operations. Now, cylinder neck rings, skirts and sleeves have the potential to redefine the way these firms use their equipment. Here’s how.

The Problems With Gas Cylinders

Cylinder storage isn’t a perfect technology. Users and suppliers must overcome many challenges to keep their operations profitable: Continue reading

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5 Advantages of Laser Cutting Metal


Laser Cutting MetalLaser cutting has been popular since the 1970s. Today, new fabrication methods continue to advance product designs in diverse industries from automotive manufacturing to health care. Here are five reasons why designers and engineers choose lasers over other metal cutting systems.

1. Shorter Lead Times

Lasers create prototypes rapidly and at lower costs. Rapid prototyping shortens a critical part of the design process that reduces the time to market. The equipment is suitable for small or large production runs that are needed on short schedules. Lasers deliver optimal results when production time is critical for on-time project completion. Continue reading

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Welding All Materials


metal welding

We weld all materials

When people and businesses seek welding or metal fabrication services, they know that they can count on us to meet their needs. We can help you with almost any project on which you are working, and we promise to pay attention to each detail. A lot of welding companies require a certain order size before they will consider working with you, but we take large and small jobs, allowing us to keep our customers happy. When you decide to work with us, our team will put in the effort to learn about you and the product you want, and we are confident that you will be thrilled when you see what we can achieve. Continue reading

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Quality Tube Fabrication Services at a Fair Price


metal tube fabricationIf you are looking for tube fabrication services for your business so that you can complete your next project on time, you have come to the right place. We can take your design and turn it into a finished product that will get the job done, and you will know that you have made the right choice when you see what we can do for you and your business. No matter what your needs might be, we promise to have your back at every turn. Our dedication to client satisfaction has enabled us to earn the trust and respect of the businesses that we proudly serve, and we look forward to working with you. Continue reading

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A Simple and Effective Fly Control Solution


Big Stinky Fly Trap kills flying insectsPeople have used insect traps and repellents for years, but many effective practices for ridding pests aren’t as well known. Create your own “No Fly Zone“. An example of this is the Big Stinky Fly Trap which incorporates tube bending to create small traps for common pests. This device is very effective in capturing and killing insects that are known to breed quickly and cause damage to local ecosystems and habitats.

What is it?

The shape of the Big Stinky Fly Trap is comparable to that of a light bulb. A bent glass or plastic “bulb” is fixed to a component that can hang from trees, plant hooks, or gets attached to different areas outside of the home. The upper plastic housing has holes that allow insects to enter. Continue reading

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